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CJEVOMONT d.o.o. Kutina was founded in 1993, registered in the court register of commercial court in Zagreb and is 100% privately owned company.

In the first years of operations, the company was engaged in mechanical maintenance in the gas and oil industry, and then throughout two decades it has developed into a stable and successful company of recognized quality. The company’s core-business is manufacture and installation of steel structures, and works in construction and maintenance of oil and gas pipelines, as well as overhaul of oil, gas and petrochemical plants. Overall business activity of the company is focused to ensure customers’ satisfaction, i.e. fulfilling all their requirements and expectations.


Meeting customer’s requirements and expectations and keep them as a satisfied business partners.
Continuous investments in the modernization of equipment, means of labour and technology to satisfy the customers’ requirements.


Efficient management of human resources, improvement and modernization of technology for process integrity, work on continuous improvement of quality management systems, environmental protection and protection of workers’ health.



Becoming a recognizable company at the market, ensuring growth, development and competitiveness at the market.



 Own workshop, indoor and outdoor warehouse 
• Means for transport of materials equipment, tools and staff 
• Machines, professional tools, basic and ancillary means of labour
• Office and workshop containers